SF Earthquake/Tsunami Warning

This warning is for everyone living near major fault lines and all coastal areas around the world, especially the San Francisco Bay Area, where the biggest natural disaster in human history is expected to occur.

We are issuing an urgent warning to evacuate, move residence, find a place to live a safe distance from large bodies of water and from major fault lines. 

It is only a matter of time before the next earthquakes and tsunamis occur on the major fault lines of the world, on which many major cities are built and many thousands of people will lose their lives. Billy Meier, with the help of the Plejaren extraterrestrial race, has correctly and accurately predicted hundreds of events, natural disasters, and scientific facts up to 35 years before their occurrence or official discovery, with facts still to be discovered by our scientists and events still yet to occur. He has published information about what is said to be the biggest natural disaster in human history:

An earthquake will hit the San Andreas fault, followed by a seaquake on the Juan de Fuca tectonic plate and resulting tsunami off the coast of Portland, Oregon, causing many thousands of deaths and major destruction in every city and island along the West coast. His words are now being echoed by scientists and warnings are being published in news articles confirming Billy’s words once again.

The cities that will be destroyed by the San Andreas fault earthquake will include San Francisco, Oakland, and the entire Bay Area. The disaster of the following tsunami will cause destruction in all cities and islands along the West coast of America, from Southern California, San Diego, Los Angeles, the entire San Francisco Bay Area, all the way up to Portland, and to Seattle, Washington.

It is your responsibility to yourself, your fellow human beings, and a Creational recommendation to keep safe and look after not only yourself and your family, but also your fellow human beings who are in danger, to warn them about the dangers and to move a safe distance from large bodies of water and major fault lines.

In the 392nd contact report, Ptaah from the Plejaren Federation said the following:


  1. According to our forecasting abilities, there will arise though a seaquake of strength 9 on the Richter scale, in the area of the north Pacific not far in front of the American coast, from Portland and in the south California, up to Washington in the north, a gigantic fault of several hundred kilometers, as a result of which an, up till now never to have occurred there, seaquake tsunami breaks out in ring form and causes enormous destruction to the mainland and to islands and will claim many human lives.
  2. The seaquake will last around 5 minutes long, after which then many further and smaller quakes follow and also even a smaller tsunami is released.
  3. Some facts concerning this threatening danger are known to Earth scientists, but they are unable to grasp the actual threatening catastrophe.



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