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We need to do our best to make sure that planet Earth is kept clean and is sustainable for all future generations of people that will have to live with all the problems that we are creating with the destruction of the environment and by using up all of the Earth's resources.


* Approximate real world population based on plejaren data.


The number of people on the Earth is not sustainable for the future because there are not enough resources to keep sustaining the over-abundant number of people, and also because of the damage and amount of pollution each person adds to the environment.

Each person adds to our collective footprint on the planet, the amount of pollution being created, the amount of resources being used, the amount of nuclear energy being produced and coal being burnt to produce electricity, the amount of fresh water, food, and other resources needed that are dwindling away, being used up and polluted.

Every person deserves to live a quality life, meaning having a clean environment, enough clean food to eat, fresh water to drink, etc.

When there are too many people on a planet, the amount of resources required to live a quality life is diminished, and the quality of life for each person goes down increasingly and exponentially in the future for each generation.

The fact is that due to the enormous amount of destruction we have already caused to the environment, we have very troubled times ahead in our planet's future. We've created enormous problems which we will be forced to deal with and suffer the effects from, including:

  • Nuclear waste and oil spills in the ocean, killing countless types of sea life and causing genetic mutations
  • Increasing hurricane and tornado activity due to human-caused climate change as well as other natural catastrophes
  • Increasing earthquakes and tsunamis due to oil drilling and gas fracking
  • Increasing amount of uninhabitable areas due to nuclear waste, oil spillage, pollution from power plants, factories, enormous livestock farms using wrong and inhumane methods, etc.
  • Poisonous chemicals used for pesticide and herbicide destroying the chain of life

These disasters, plus many other increasing problems of all kinds, all stem from the overpopulation, and will be increasing until the population is reduced to a sustainable number of people. The amount of destruction to the environment continues to increase exponentially as the population increases.

The only way to effectively reduce the Earth's population is to enact a worldwide birth-halt plan that bans all births on the planet for a number of years, then control the number of births until a sustainable number of people inhabit the planet.

The birth halt is described in this article:

According to Billy and FIGU, overpopulation is a common problem throughout the universe. As the evolution of different species on countless planets reach a level of development with technology and medicine, they reproduce themselves to an unsustainable number for their planet, causing problems of all kinds, and they either destroy themselves by exhausting the planets resources, or they finally create a birth-halt and learn to reproduce at a responsible rate, corresponding to the planets renewable resources, and evolve to into a wise civilization that can evolve in balance with nature.

The birth-halt method is used throughout the universe, and it is the only really effective way to reduce the Earth's population.

There are many informative articles about overpopulation at the following links you may read to better understand this page's contents. The articles and videos in the links below explain how the main cause to all our problems on Earth is the overpopulation of human beings.

Article written by Billy Meier called: Destruction of the Environment as the Consequence of Overpopulation

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By the law of cause-and-effect, there is an endless list of problems caused solely by the overpopulation. All problems listed below and more will not be solved, and the misery and strife will not find an end and will continue to increase until the Earth's population is reduced to a sustainable and healthy number through a natural birth-halt, so that the number of elderly people passing away is greater than the number of babies being born.

Problems that stem from overpopulation:

  • Lack of resources for everyone to have a quality life, leading to unemployment, poverty, starvation, poor living conditions
  • Destruction to the environment due to exploiting the Earth's resources through mining of oil, gas, metals, etc.
  • Greenhouse effect, climate change, global warming at an exponentially accelerating rate
  • Nuclear waste and pollution from power plants, oil spills, vehicle emissions and many other sources of toxic waste
  • Increasing extinction of animal species, flora and fauna
  • Inhumane animal production, CO2 emissions from farmed animals, etc.
  • Racism, wars, and terrorism
  • Diminishing fresh water sources, desertification

Seeing the amount of destruction we have caused to the environment in the last 100 years, can you imagine what the continued destruction will be like 100 years from now? What will Earth be like 500 years from now?

Will we keep going down the path we are following, overbreeding and destroying the balance of nature, exterminating countless life-forms and eventually exterminating ourselves?

Or will we finally realize that the only way we can live sustainably on Earth and keep a healthy environment for the future generations is by reducing the population to a sustainable number of people?