FIGU Groups Worldwide

The Semjase Silver Star Centre in Switzerland is the world headquarters of FIGU and it is constantly maintained and updated by its members, which are the core group members and passive group members.

FIGU Landesgruppes Worldwide

FIGU Landesgruppes are official FIGU daughter groups of the mother group in Switzerland. Following FIGU guidelines, FIGU Landesgruppes work on making translations of the Spirit Teaching and other FIGU publications into their respective languages, and making them available to their country.

English Language Landesgruppes:

Landesgruppes in other languages

FIGU Studiengruppes

FIGU Studiengruppes are study groups composed of interested individuals who meet to study the Spirit Teaching and other FIGU publications. Guidelines are given to operate as an official FIGU study group, and they must have at least 2 Passive Members.

FIGU Interessengruppes

Interessengruppes are unofficial independent interest-groups that support FIGU's mission by studying the spiritual teaching, organizing info stands, presenting lectures, etc. This new group category is a precursor for an official "FIGU-Studiengruppe".
In order to become an Interessengruppe and receive permission to officially use the FIGU logo (SSSC), the following conditions must be observed:

  • A German name for the group must be officially used: "Interessengruppe für die FIGU-Mission" (In English: Interest group for the FIGU mission)
  • At least two members of the group must be FIGU-Passive members.
  • The Interessengruppe has to regularly inform a contact person at the SSSC about its activities. The information received will not be presented to the CG49 unless a really important issue requires that the contact person informs the CG49.
  • An Interessengruppe is absolutely responsible for the groups activities itself, without any liability of any kind by FIGU Switzerland, because the Interessengruppe is not a part of FIGU, i.e. no FIGU group.


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